A teddy bear with a birthmark

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After I posted the pictures of the tatty teddy I had made, Lilianah's mom asked if I could make a bear with the port wine stain and surgery scar to resemble that of her daughter's as closely as possible.

Lilianah has Sturge-Weber Syndrome which is a condition that has a characteristic birthmark and neurological abnormalities. I received a few different photos and so transferred the shape of the stain onto the teddy bear's face.


The joy that Lilianah experienced when seeing a teddy bear look alike can be seen very clearly in this picture her mom posted on my Facebook page.

Was saving this for her birthday later in the month but as soon as she saw the box outside she wanted it, I couldn't resist


Mom also left a great review on my testimonial page.

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  • Can I order one from you???
    And I have a blog about birthmarks I would love to link you to it?

    RAchel on
  • My son also has Port Wine stain on his face (right cheek). I would love to order him a bear!

    Nicole Figliulo on

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