Ramona Bear's Surprise

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Ramona Bear was sitting on Jada's bed lost in her own thoughts. She spent much of her time sitting there when Jada was out but she did not mind that at all as when Jada came home there was usually plenty of excitement. She thought about all the fun things they did together. Sometimes Jada put on a pretty dress and they went for a walk down to the mall to look at the shop windows. On other days Ramona Bear quietly sat close to Jada on the sofa when she was reading interesting books. There were pictures of airplanes and ships, of people on skis in the snow and people paddling canoes on the water but the ones she liked best were the animals. Lions and tigers and elephants and now and then bears too – big cuddly ones with thick fur.

Suddenly the door opened and Jada rushed in with a big smile on her face. "Hello, Ramona Bear," she said, "You won't believe what happened today. What a surprise!" With that she picked Ramona Bear up, hugged her and danced around the room. "Tra-la-la-la," she sang joyfully. She sat Ramona Bear on the bed again then lifted a big red box with wheels and a handle down out of her cupboard. Ramona Bear watched in amazement as Jada took some clothes out and tried on her new jacket while standing in front of the mirror. Next she put on her sun hat. "Good, that looks perfect," she said.

Ramona Bear with Jada wearing a jacket
"Ramona Bear, don't you think I look smart like this? I am going on a journey and I will take you with. You will see all those things you have been looking at in my books. We will fly a long way in an aeroplane high up in the sky. Oh, what fun it will be," she said and sang again "Hmm, hmm, hmmmm, hm," as she packed everything into the red box. "Suitcase" Jada had called it but Ramona Bear wondered why as she did not see any suits in it!

"Time to leave for the airport," a voice called and Jada quickly closed up the suitcase and stood it on its wheels ready to walk out onto the path. But first she sat Ramona Bear on top of her red case. Ramona leaned back calmly against the handle and thought to herself, "Jada looks very smart in her striped dress but I look smart too. I am wearing my best pink bow for the occasion!"

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