Bethany Bear's best Friend

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Bethany Bear sighed. "I am feeling so lonely today as all my bear friends are busy or have gone away to meet their new friends. I think I will go for a walk as it is a lovely day. The birds are singing and I hope that will cheer me up," she said to herself and sighed again as she strolled off along the path. Suddenly she was surprised to feel a tap on her shoulder and a sweet voice said, "Hello, Teddy Bear, why are you here all by yourself? My name is Klaudia, what is yours?" Bethany Bear looked around in surprise and saw the voice belonged to a little blonde girl with a big smile. "Hello, Klaudia," she said, "I am pleased to meet you. My name is Bethany Bear. Would you like to walk along with me so I am not all alone? All my friends could not come with me today."

Bethany and Klaudia walking
Bethany Bear and Klaudia enjoyed themselves walking along and chatting while listening to the birds singing. After a while Klaudia said, "Bethany Bear, my friends are often busy too. Would you like to come home with me and be my friend for always? My Mommy loves Teddy Bears too and she will also be happy to meet you." And Klaudia stood up and clapped her hands and danced around Bethany Bear.

"I know," she continued, looking very serious, "we could have a tea party with my best cups to welcome you. I will wear my new party dress and hat and you look so smart with your pink fur and pretty green bow," and she grabbed Bethany Bear's paws and they danced together with joy.

Bethany and Klaudia having a tea party
The tea party was a happy occasion out on the lawn under a tree. "I am so glad you are here, Bethany Bear, we will spend lots of time together and you will not feel lonely ever again," Klaudia said. Bethany Bear just smiled and nodded and jumped into Klaudia's arms. They gave each other the biggest bear hug you have ever seen!

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