Can you make a black and yellow bear?

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About a week before Christmas, I was asked if I could make a black and yellow bear with a bumblebee as part of the design. This was indeed an intriguing request and I came to find out that this was in honor of little Gabrielle, who only graced her parents with a month of her time. 

I had chatted with Gabrielle's mother on the TG Bears Facebook page, but it was her father that sent the email looking for me to create this special bear for him as a Christmas gift. We chatted back and forth about the design and so Gabby Bear was conceptualized.

Gabby Bear wears the same soft luxurious fur that all her TG Bears family members wear. It is jet, shiny black. She has yellow accents and matching felt scarf as well as a sweet bumblebee embroidered on her chest. The precious little girl in whose memory she is made is honored on Gabby Bear's right foot.

It was an honor for me to make this special bear and I was really touched when Gabrielle's mother left me a testimonial that is not only heart-warming but also explains why I make teddy bears.

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