A picture is worth a thousand words. It is true, but we cannot yet convey the cuddliness of a teddy bear through a picture. Thank you to all my customers who have sent me such kind words about the custom TG Bear they have. Please also see the reviews on the individual bears that are available for adoption through the website.

Just a note to say that my parcel arrived today and that I can't thank you enough, my daughter was in tears, she genuinely believes that her lost lion had been found.
He is just perfect. Thank you for making her so happy. He is gorgeous. From the photos that I sent, that I did not think were that clear, you made an amazing replica.
Tina, Australia

I love her so much and she came on my birthday . Thank you for her
Elizabeth, MI

What an extraordinary, wonderful bear! I was looking for someone to fashion a bear for my newborn grandson in the likeness of my very old English teddy . The bear Monica created was lovely; just what I had envisioned. I am grateful for her creativity, and very personal care and attention.
Janet, CA

Today I got my memory bear in. It helps me with the memory of my daughter Angel Marie Allen. Thanks again for making it.
Heather, MD

The bear turned out wonderful. It was everything we hoped for and more. You do an excellent job and I'm sure our daughter will treasure it for the rest of her life. Thank you so much!
Desia, FL

Having a teddy bear as a child is an important part of our children's childhood.
Years ago my son-in-law gave our youngest daughter the bear he had grown up with as a peace offering of sorts for taking away (Marrying) our oldest daughter. (15 years later and we still have that bear.) Now we have 2 beautiful granddaughters (ages 5 & 3) and our youngest daughter is getting married. Our granddaughters are going to be the flower girls this next fall in her wedding.
I found TG Bears through a friend holding a cancer fundraiser and bid/won a bear, but I couldn’t just order one. So I asked if she could make two identical bears based on the wedding theme for us to give to the girls as their special gift. The bears TG Bears designed are perfect from the wedding colors to the sunflower baskets.
The quality of the bears is outstanding and they will have a very long life with our granddaughters.
Thank you Monica & TG Bears for making the beautiful bears that will be forever a wonderful memory and also for being part of our celebration.
Tracy, PA

Of all the Bears I ordered This one is Close to my Heart Its in memory of a Man I loved more than life itself We were gonna get married next year on his Birthday but He died 3 days after his B Day this year I know he would love this bear too He loved all the ones I got
Christine, PA

I found TG Bears on a search for handmade bears because nice never had a handmade teddy (besides build a bear). Her teddies look like the old school jointed bears I used to see growing up, but I never had one. Then I found out they were customizable and some help with certain causes, and it was ON! I arranged to have a custom bear made for my first marriage anniversary, and I didn't know where to start. Monica helped every step of the way, and she really helped bring my ideas to life. My bear is gorgeously made, and it's so expertly made that I was wondering, "How in the world did she do this all by hand?!" I'm so thrilled and it was such a blessing to meet her and work with her. I have two more bears coming my way from her, and I'm so happy about my new TG Bears family!
Kia, GA

This is the second time I have gotten a bear for my daughter from TG Bears. This time I went out on a limb and asked if it was possible to customize a bear to a child's scars and birthmarks and was told it was possible. I was so excited! My daughter has Sturge Weber Syndrome, has a Port Wine stain on her face and a big scar from her brain surgery. My daughters birthday is coming up so I placed an order for a special bear for her. Yesterday the box had come and as soon as my daughter saw it sitting outside with the teddy bear logo she wanted it opened right then and there. I couldn't resist! To see her smile when she saw the bear was so worth it! I am glad that she loves it! And I must say that after seeing the bear in person it is better than I imagined. Another wonderful bear from TG Bears!!
Ashland, NY

I had a very special bear made for my sisters 4th birthday:) i had no clue what I needed just that she was going to a camping party! I am excited to say I can't wait to give this bear to her. This bear was made with love. You can tell the owner makes these bears with her whole heart:) I love it Sooo Much and can't wait to give it to my little sister:) it's definately a forever keepsake.
Alyssa, GA

We lost our daughter 04/11/2013. She was only a month old. I seen the tg bears on my Facebook. I had told my husband about contacting tg bears to make one in memory of our little girl. So my husband asked me what color I would make her. I showed him one of the bears on the tg bear site. Without me knowing my husband contacted them. He gave them a brief description of what I spoke of wanting and they used their expertise in coming up with my bear and named her Gabby, our little angel's nickname. We called her our little bumblebee. They sent a letter along with her thanking us for entrusting them with such a precious project that brought tears to my eyes! They did a truly heart felt wonderful job on my " Gabby " bear and I would refer them to anyone!
Holly, IN

The Bears are awesome and so worth the money i have the purple one and a tan one for november awareness w my financee names on em
Christine, PA

Just wanted to tell you how much I love my Angel Bear, she is soft and cuddly, I love the that she has posable legs and arms. Thank you.
Darlene, IN

I have "Fifo". I bought the first one that was sent to Haley. I love him and he's so soft!
Kayla, OK