Wojtek Soldier Bear | Custom teddy bear in memory of Private Wojtek of the Polish Army

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Wojtek is a little known about hero of the 22nd Transport Company of the Polish Army in World War 2. He came to the platoon as a cub and was enlisted into the company as a Private in order to be able to board a British transport ship.
Wojtek became a mascot for the company and other nearby ones and was said to have been as fond of drinking and smoking as the men. But he also helped carry heavy crates of ammunition.
The TG Bears version of Wojtek is a handmade custom teddy bear in a two tone fur. He is 16 inches tall and has jointed arms and legs. He wears a collar like the real Wojtek did and also a vest with the insignia in a large format on the back and a smaller version on the front.
He also is accompanied by a shell, handmade of wood, as a loose item. The shell has a magnet that snaps to another one in the bear's foot to facilitate placement.
+ This bear is not a toy. Remove all accessories before giving to children

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