Kathi | Custom handmade teddy bear designed for The IHope Foundation supporting Intracranial Hypertension

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This bear was created for a very special friend of mine’s daughter and is in honor of a young woman who has to endure the symptoms of a very horrible condition that most people know nothing about – Intracranial Hypertension.
Since this is such a little known about condition, those that suffer from it do not have much in the line of support amongst their communities, resources to help make their lives as manageable as possible or even that much support from medical staff. This being said, Kathi has taken it upon herself to assist fellow IH’ers (as they call themselves) by setting up The IHope Foundation dedicated to this cause
Kathi Bear, the obvious name for this bear that wears a logo right across her chest showing that she supports The IHope Foundation, came into being. She is 16 inches tall, has jointed arms and legs and safety eyes, nose and joints. She is made of the softest, cuddliest fur which you can choose either white or chocolate brown. She also wears a sheer ribbon made up of green and blue which are the intracranial hypertension awareness colors. She sports a little sunflower on the bow*. Personalization can be added to the bear's flank as an optional extra.
Kathi Bear donates 30% of the base proceeds from the sale of a bear to support the setup and growth of The IHope Foundation.
*All small items must be removed before giving the bear to a child

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