What is the TG Bear to a Child with Epilepsy Support Group?

Epilepsy support group Theodore BearLiving in a world that does not make space for those that are challenged in some manner is extremely difficult for the person affected and also their loved ones. TG Bears Inc. is committed to helping whereever possible. The TG Bear to a Child with Epilepsy Support Group is a platform where parents of children suffering with epilepsy actively provide help and support to each other and are able to share experiences. It has grown to be an online "family", rather than just a group.

What do we do?
Everyone knows Theodore. He has been a blessing to a number of children that have had to endure testing and hospital stays because of their fight with epilepsy and continues to provide support to the children of the group.

How are bears provided?
Members of the group may make application for a bear on this page as per the rules laid out in the group information. Bears are sponsored by TG Bears Inc and the applicant is responsible for the shipping cost (this being $10 within the US, $17 to Canada and $25.00 to the rest of the world). Once TG Bears Inc is able to sponsor the bear, the applicant will be contacted and arrangements made for the bear to be made. The application list runs on a first come, first served basis. I cannot guarantee any timeframe from application date to sponsorship date as this will completely depend on my schedule.
Thank you