I need to select a processing time on each bear. What is this?
All the bears at TG Bears Inc. are handmade. The bears that can be ordered through the website are still made to order. Processing time is dependent on which option you choose at checkout (Sundays do not count in the 3-day rush option).
Orders placed after 5 PM Eastern time start counting the next day. You will be notified by email when your bear is on his/her way to you. Custom orders are discussed and timeframes will depend on what is required on the bear.

Does the Processing Time include the shipping?
No, the processing time is what I need to make your bear and starts at order and ends when the bear is shipped. Please take shipping times into consideration when needing a bear on a specific date.

How is shipping charged to addresses in the US?
You have two options for bears shipped in the US. You can choose the free option which is US Priority Mail. Priority Mail comes with tracking and takes 2 - 3 days to most locations in the US, although USPS does not guarantee this.
Express shipping is also available in the US and has a guaranteed delivery date, overnight to metro areas and 2 days to rural areas.
Once a package tracking number is marked "Delivered" by the shipping company, TG Bears Inc is no longer responsible for the package.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! TG Bears Inc has three options for delivery of bears going internationally for orders with only 1 bear. There is USPS First Class with tracking and insurance. This is an economical shipping method, but may take up to 7 weeks for the bear to get to you. USPS First Class is only available on the smaller box with one bear in it. It is not available on orders of 2 or more bears.
There is USPS Priority International which also has tracking and insurance and delivers in 6 - 10 days. This option is available for multiple bear orders also.
Also an option is USPS Priority Express which delivers in 3 - 5 days to most locations (however this is not guaranteed).
Once a package tracking number is marked "Delivered" by the shipping company, TG Bears Inc is no longer responsible for the package.

What else do I need to be aware of if I am outside of the US?
Note that on international shipments, TG Bears Inc is not responsible for any taxes/duties that your country may impose on the bear by your local customs department. All bears are marked as merchandise and not as gifts. 

Do you accept returns?
As each bear is made to order, returns are accepted for defective workmanship only. This option expires 14 days after the delivery date reported by the relevant carrier. After that TG Bears Inc will accept the bear for repair only as detailed below. 

How does the return policy work?
Return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. TG Bears Inc. will evaluate the returned bear and should it be determined that the workmanship was indeed defective, the purchaser may choose a refund or a replacement. In the event of a refund, the original cost of the bear and shipping will be refunded.

Do you offer bear repairs?
We understand that sometimes bears also get injured. TG Bears Inc offers repairs on TG Bears only. Shipping to and from the workshop is the responsibility of the purchaser.
TG Bears Inc may, depending on the circumstances on a case by case basis, supply the return shipping label for a bear. If this happens, the bear needs to be committed to the mail system no later than 10 days after the label has been supplied. After that, the return shipping will become the responsibility of the purchaser and the supplied label voided. 

What if I received the wrong bear?
Should TG Bears Inc. have shipped you the incorrect bear, please contact me within one business day of receipt of the same. Arrangements will then be made to send you the correct bear at no additional cost if the claim is legitimate. Notification of an incorrect delivery later than one business day of the parcel having been delivered will not be considered. As all bears are mailed with a tracking number, the date that the carrier marks the parcel delivered will be considered the official delivery date for this notification calculation.