Handmade teddy bear for Clayton's Hope Organization and epilepsy awareness

Clayton | Handmade teddy bear mascot for Clayton's Hope Organization

  • $ 64.99

Clayton Bear is made in honor of a courageous boy fondly known as Clayton the Great after contracting a virus and thereafter Epilepsy which then also took his life. Clayton's Hope Organization continues his legacy and raises much needed awareness and funds for research.

As with other TG Bears, Clayton Bear is 16 inches tall and has movable arms and legs. His fur is extremely soft and he proudly wears the Clayton's Hope logo on his chest. His purple accents and bow-tie depict Epilepsy awareness and the bright orange personalization exudes hope. Clayton Bear is completely metal free, his eyes, nose and joints are safety items.

Clayton's Hope Organization benefits from every sale with a contribution of 18% of the base price.

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