Ann & Annette

Ann & Annette
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Perfect gift for the special mother in your life. Ann is a handmade teddy bear in sheepskin color fur who wears a gorgeous dress made of satin. She also wears a charm around her neck, showing how she feels about her daughter.
Her arms and legs are jointed and she is 16 inches tall. She is child-safe when all her accessories are removed. Ann boasts two rows of embroidery on her foot, a name and a year. This could be the current year or the year that her new owner became a mother.
Annette is the daughter bear. She is 10 inches tall and also has jointed arms and legs. She wears a tutu that matches her mother's dress and also carries a name and a year on her foot, embroidered in the same color as her tutu. With her accessories removed, she is also child safe.
Both bears are washable in their bare state.
Ann & Annette can be personalized with names and dates if you would like or wear different color dresses. Please contact me to arrange a custom order.
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