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Angels4Epilepsy is the idea of Jamie, a little girl diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy. She found it in her heart to help other hospitalized children.  Between her and her younger sister's chronic unknown pulmonary conditions, they were in and out of the hospital and knew what it was like to be scared with all the tests and procedures.  Angels4Epilepsy formed an official non-profit thanks to the Pepsi Refresh project, their supporters and a very kind attorney who provided her time pro bono. They are now an official 501(c)(3) charity.

Jamie has already delivered well over 150 bags to children in Georgia and Florida and soon in Indiana thanks to wonderful volunteers. They also made a delivery to the Ronald McDonald House and their local food pantry.
TG Bears is honoured to work with such a noble cause, where the person doing the good is so personally affected. This Hernando was created as a mascot for Angels4Epilepsy.
20%* of the proceeds of the sale of this bear will be donated to Angels4Epilepsy.
Want to help Angels4Epilepsy with another bear on this website? Go to their site, click the banner and order any bear. TG Bears will donate 20% to Angels4Epilepsy for every bear you buy.
You can also connect with Angels4Epilepsy on Facebook and on Twitter.
*When arriving at the bear from the Angel4Epilepsy banner, a maximum of $7 of the sale price of this bear will be donated.
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