E-Bear 2016 | Handmade limited edition teddy bear to raise Epilepsy Awareness in November 2016

This bear has been retired.

As has become tradition at TG Bears, November is the month that E-Bear is available. However, this will be the last E-Bear and while some things are the same, others are different.

E-Bear 2016 is the same super soft bear as the previous ones. With a soft lavender fur, the chestpatch has a sparkly purple awareness ribbon on it and honors all the Superheros battling Epilepsy. The bear is 16 inches tall and the arms and legs move. The eyes, nose and joints are all safety items and the bear is completely metal free. A name can be added to the right foot and the first letter of that name is also placed on the purple cape that this Superhero bear wears. Each bear is numbered and there are only 20 available. 

* What is different this year is that there are no designated foundations. Place the name of your favorite Epilepsy Foundation in the text box provided. I will determine a foundation from those nominated by random and that foundation will receive E-Bear 2016 #1 as a fundraiser item to be used at their discretion. The adoption price is lower than previous years as no contribution is included.


If you would like a bear like this, please contact me to discuss.

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