Privacy Policy | What bears do with email addresses

TG Bears Inc. collects the personal information directly from you when you enter the same on the site. This may include your name, address, telephone number, email address and payment information. Such information may also be disclosed to TG Bears Inc. by phone should you prefer to contact me in that manner rather than deal on the internet.
TG Bears Inc. will collect your information only for the purpose of providing better service to you and to be able to communicate with you about your order. TG Bears Inc. will not sell, trade or rent your information to any third party person or company. Such information will only be disclosed following a legal proceeding that would require TG Bears Inc. to do so.
While TG Bears Inc. does record statistical information about its visitors such as the date and time that you accessed the site and the pages you visited, this information does not identify you. Identifiable information is provided by you directly.